West bound and into a ghost town.

On today’s edition of Tookish Travels, Brandon and I take our first Roadkill inspired road trip to the mountains of North Carolina




SPOILER ALERT…it’s a complete success.


Take a look!!



Now we’ve been talking cars since we met because a) he’s a car guy and b) literally everything he drives is a conversation starter!

So, when I noticed what I would later refer to as “junk yard magic” (thanks to David Freiburger) in my neighborhood, I knew Brandon could help me identify it.

Plymouth Fury
This was taken, stealth mode, from very far away with my cell phone because I haven’t worked up the nerve to knock on the door…as you can see there are more vehicles past this one.

It didn’t take long for me to start asking car related questions…especially about the older ones, because I am a just a HUGE fan of getting to know other people’s interests and I have a deep appreciation for older, sometimes rustic, neat looking, nostalgia inducing things.

A few weeks after I noticed the Plymouth Fury above, and gladly consumed every re-build video Brandon would send me…I received my first episode of the show RoadkillIt was Episode 4, the Extreme Elco Engine Swap and I adored IT!!!! Having almost zero real car knowledge aside, I was hooked, BIG TIME and the pup in this one didn’t hurt either!

Yes, I know it’s TV but if David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan can do anything, it’s make me laugh hysterically and feel a little bit better about just getting out there and trying stuff without feeling like it’d be the end of the world to, possibly, F-up…and I began to see why I was being sent these videos 🙂

Episode 4, led to Ep 23, which led to Ep 31…AHHHHHH…that’s the one where they get to comb through 75 acres of junkyard and I see Freiburger with his camera for the first time. I thought to myself…”that’s brilliant”.

Episode 18 was the one that sealed the deal for me…I absolutely love that, above all, these guys have FUN in every single episode. So, before I pushed play on the episode that started it all, I sent Brandon a text that said “that’s it!!!! I want a long road trip with potential for junkyard magic!! I think it’d be a great photography project!”.

I had NO idea that I would get my wish the very next day…but someone else did 😉



Our version of something a kin to a Roadkill Ep, because Brandon has all the actual car knowledge/skill and I am just an enthusiastic helper with a camera.

It was forecasted to rain (and we’d be driving into it), we were under a particular set of rules given the current national situation (meaning very little opportunity for food/beverage, socializing and even less chance of an open restroom) and our ride wouldn’t have working windshield wipers…Yep! We were starting out perfectly.


Our ride for the day was this, full of character, custom built beauty, appropriately named 2006 Crown Victoria police car with a ’75 Ford F100 body, built by Brandon.


This is my favorite detail of the car! That bucket is where this gas tank is!!


We all know by now that I am not the expert here BUT given that she has the seats and dash from the car, I think she rides pretty great and I actually preferred her rumbling while Brandon and I talked to being able to hear the music 😀


About an hour into our drive, we hit a little magic just inside the Shelby, NC, city limit and we pulled in. I am not traditionally bold when it comes to my photography (I get nervous and chicken out of many, many opportunities) and was instantly grateful to have someone with me that both knows these kind of places and enjoys encouraging me in my craft.

L&L U Pull It had just what we were looking for, and it was in the front lot!!!

Now, please be aware that if we had gone in to explore, we would have never reached our destination. I spend hours in antique malls, hours…I can’t even imagine letting myself loose in one of these places (you know, where you can’t really break anything).




I’ll admit I was a little giddy that I had just watched the Ranchero episode and found this ’63 first!


Stories and conversation are a big part of the Roadkill episodes and this trip wasn’t lacking in either of those as a large part of my Mom’s side of the family lived in the areas we drove through and Brandon did come racing around the corner from where we captured our first finds.


It only took about an hour more to reach our destination but that didn’t stop us from taking a break to stretch our legs at a covered bridge and for me to get a shot of Vicki under the pines.


Our destination, this trip, was Chimney Rock Village, where you are greeted upon entry by Lake Lure and roll on to a State Park and Hickory Nut Falls Campground. The surreal but “beautiful in it’s own way” part was that no one was around. I don’t think I’ve ever been to this area and not been stuck in the traffic the tourism brings. It provided an opportunity for photos that I’ll never be able to get again.


We were able to find a parking space close to about the only place we’d be able to get lunch and we jumped out to explore the riverside.

What we were able to see of Hickory Nut Falls Campground


After exploring the river for a bit, we were hungry and we finished the short walk back through town and ordered some burgers!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It’s very out of character for me but I hardly had my phone on me during this trip so, alas, I didn’t take a selfie by the cars, rocks, or of the SUPER delicious food (next time though, for sure). The only thing missing during this stop was a beer and would you believe that neither one of us thought to ask for it!?!?! Lol

We were in and then we were out. Aside from physically staying at home, we managed to be socially distanced the entire day (except when ordering food, of course) and found ourselves on the road back home about 45min after we arrived.

The trip back was a bit more quiet…it’s amazing how tired riding can make a person BUT it was just as fruitful as the drive up.

On a country highway, we found a small yard with some BIG treasures in it!

’73 Pontiac Firebird


AND Brandon absolutely HAD TO turn around so that we could grab a photo of a tractor that we passed, once we both, almost simultaneously, said it looked like a “cow” from the Cars movies 😀


And naturally, Vicki had to have a photo op too

There were a couple more detours but that’s for another post, or maybe just us, who knows…

All in all, WE MADE IT safely back to our neck of the woods, using only about 3/4 of a tank of gas and having no need for the wipers!!! Now, that’s a little less drama than Freiburger and Finnegan usually have but I think they would be totally down for the rumble of Vicki on the Interstate, the way she handles mountain curves (and the condition of the roads in general), our drivetime shenanigans and the overall spirit of the trip…or at least we hope so, as we find them great inspiration for road trips.

And just today, I realized that one episode of Roadkill is just enough time to get a heck of an Elliptical workout in and since I’m still on the early episodes, that’s a LOT of work to put in.

The bright side!? Maybe by the time I’m completely caught up, I’ll be ready to find a piece of junkyard magic of my very own and, just maybe, Brandon will help me make it operational 😀


Hey, a girl can dream 😀 😉 😀







Concerning Hobbits

When I started this challenge, I had NO idea (because I didn’t read ahead), that two of my favorite tracks would be back to back and I am thrilled to be taking on this one today!

Hobbits are my very, very, very favorite race of Middle Earth. From the moment Bilbo describes his hobbit hole in The Hobbit till he describes hobbits in Fellowship of the Ring, I have felt a kindred connection to them.

Both film trilogies start in The Shire and for me that is where my emotional connection begins. Middle Earth is full of beautiful places and spaces but The Shire is perfection. As the camera pans down the round doors, over/under the hills and the lanes, watching the gentle folk, farm, do laundry, shop for goods, laugh and carry on with each other makes my heart well up!

This IS ME!! 2020

Concerning Hobbits is my favorite track in the entire movie catalogue, which I know is a bold statement, because it’s a brilliant, brilliant, BRILLIANT catalogue BUT this track embodies every single amount of my emotional connection to the story. No matter where I am or what I am doing, I can hear it and immediately be taken to those rolling hills, the lush growth of flowers, gardens, trees, and animals…I am taken to warm hearths, comfy chairs, tables of food, fine ales and lots of laughter…life…simple, comfortable, content life. That brings a smile to my face that not much else in life does, truly.

Home, the entire reason both Bilbo and Frodo leave such a wonderful place…One to help a group of dwarves reclaim theirs and one to, hopefully, save his and the rest of Middle Earth’s. Home is what I find when I listen to Concerning Hobbits and if I listen close enough, I can hear all the hope those Baggins’ had too!!

Take a listen yourselves, via the amazing Taylor Davis

I See Fire

This is easily one of my favorite songs in all of Middle Earth. Not only am I am MASSIVE Ed Sheeran fan, He is a MASSIVE Tolkien fan…which in my opinion is very evident in I See Fire…a song he wrote, if I am remembering correctly, in three days, before he had to perform it for Peter Jackson.

Oh, misty eye of the mountain below
Keep careful watch of my brothers’ souls
And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
Keep watching over Durin’s sons

If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night

Calling out father oh
Stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side

And if we should die tonight
Then we should all die together
Raise a glass of wine for the last time

Calling out father oh
Prepare as we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side
Desolation comes upon the sky

Now I see fire
Inside the mountain
I see fire
Burning the trees
And I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And I hope that you remember me

Oh, should my people fall
Then surely I’ll do the same
Confined in mountain halls
We got too close to the flame

Calling out father oh
Hold fast and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side
Desolation comes upon the sky

Now I see fire
Inside the mountain
I see fire
Burning the trees
I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze
And I hope that you remember me

And if the night is burning
I will cover my eyes
For if the dark returns
Then my brothers will die
And as the sky is falling down
It crashed into this lonely town
And with that shadow upon the ground
I hear my people screaming out

Now I see fire
Inside the mountains
I see fire
Burning the trees
I see fire
Hollowing souls
I see fire
Blood in the breeze

I see fire (oh you know I saw a city burning out) (fire)
And I see fire (feel the heat upon my skin, yeah) (fire)
And I see fire (uh-uh-uh-uh) (fire)
And I see fire burn auburn on the mountain side


Whew…such powerful lyrics!

He really captured the kindred brotherhood of the dwarves and the emotion of the Desolation of Smaug that had been and would come again. It’s a tragic but beautiful picture of the solidarity Thorin’s company had in this story. Did 13 dwarves really think they were going to make it to the end of their journey!? It kind of makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Since the past few videos have contained imagery from the movie, I am sharing the video of Ed Sheeran, performing all instruments, because he’s amazing 😉


Ok, I may have listened to that about 3 times before coming back to the post!

To lighten the post up a bit, I am going to share a photo from my personal collection.


While we may not be big Smaug fans, I am a fan of dragons…so when Funko came out with the golden version, I had to have it!

The Bilbo artwork is by the amazing Nick Comparone.


Thanks for stopping by for Day 5 of Middle Earth March




Song of the Lonely Mountain

It, perhaps, shouldn’t be surprising as I complete the posts that I am, in fact, a HUGE Tolkien fan…please notice that I said fan and not scholar. I was introduced to Tolkien via the movies and while I have gone on to read a lot of the written word, I have SO MUCH LOVE for the movies that got me there (it was the LOTR franchise in the case).

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, as with FOTR, is quite emotional for me. Watching the company (Fellowship) grow closer in bond as it is constantly tested makes for many a tear filled moment.


At the end of Unexpected Journey, right after the eagles drop the Company to safety and Thorin has to eat a bit of humble pie, they all look Erebor and are awestruck and then we (the viewer is allowed to see it).



Mountains have a majesty that, to me, is like no other. At this point in the journey, they still had so far to go but looking at in these moments offered them respite and hope. Hope is exactly what they needed!!

If the Lonely Mountain could sing, I believe it would sound exactly like Howard Shore (who I absolutely adore) imagined it.

Neil Finn was also the perfect voice for it!

I didn’t intend to find videos to accompany these posts, but I then again, why wouldn’t I make it a bit easier to join my musical Middle Earth journey.




The addition of the forging sounds to this track really helped drive the emotion for me! It’s just so good!



Down in Goblin Town

Imagine being asleep after an already weary journey only to be woken by the sound of the earth cracking and a horde of goblins coming down on you.

As brave as I’d like to dream to be, I’d have likely passed out then and there.

The company of Thorin Oakenshield had to endure that and MORE as they were taken from their slumber to the throne of the The Great Goblin.


Walking across these rickety, suspended bridges would have been enough to put great fear into anyone’s heart BUT to top that with the cracking of whips and clinking of chains?? I am certain the company knew that their fate was sealed.

Why a song here? I found myself asking and why did the movie have to make it so catchy?


Simply put, these goblins had just hit the JACKPOT and they knew it!!! They were about to chow down on some tasty ponies and throw this band of dwarves onto all the torture devices they could (couldn’t) handle.

I suppose if that were what my life was made of, I’d have to come up with a song too!!

My favorite part of this scene from the movie is when The Great Goblin sees Orcrist and cowers away, though he towers over the rest of them. That’s real fear!


It’s safe to say that I am very glad Gandalf showed up just in time to save them all!!


Misty Mountains

Hearing the dwarves sing Misty Mountains in the movie, gave me chills. I think the arrangement really set the tone simultaneously for what they lost and what they were about to dare achieve.

This is from my copy of The Hobbit and is only the first page of the song 😉

The imagery in this song is amazing! As good as the scene in the movie was, Tolkien knew how to paint a picture with words. The pride the dwarves took in their creations can be felt here as well as their sorrow for what was taken and destroyed.

The amount of courage it took to even attempt the journey will always amaze me!


This map is my favorite thing to look at when I feel like I need a bit of perspective. There are ton of motivational memes about “If Frodo can take the ring to Mordor…” but look at what a long journey can do…

Without a doubt it, presents challenges, often extreme difficulty, opportunity to change/grow, gets out of your comfort zone and can maybe even turn a bunch of strangers into comrades.


The very talented InTheReads  created this Middle Earth inspired map of North Carolina and when I saw it, I just had to purchase one. I know that it’s the way topography works but it always make me smile to see so many lakes and the Blue Ridge Mountain Range when I look at this!!

Though I’m not reclaiming a homeland or destroying a ring of power, every time I drive toward that high country horizon, I say “I want to see the mountains again, MOUNTAINS Gandalf”.



Blunt The Knives

AHHHHH the unexpected party…

For someone who just wanted to eat his dinner in peace, Bilbo sure got more than he could ever bargain for when he opened the door at the first bell ring.

C-C-Can you not do that? You’ll blunt them!
Oooh, you hear that lads? He says we’ll blunt the knives…

Blunt the knives, bend the forks
Smash the bottles and burn the corks
Chip the glasses and crack the plates
That’s what Bilbo Baggins hates!

Cut the cloth, tread on the fat
Leave the bones on the bedroom mat
Pour the milk on the pantry floor
Splash the wine on every door!

Dump the crocks in a boiling bowl
Pound them up with a thumping pole
When you’re finished if they are whole
Send them down the hall to roll!

I remember watching each of the dwarves come in to Bag End and getting increasingly nervous…I don’t blame Bilbo for being so uptight! I mean, I LOVE spending time with people but having 13 strangers come in and literally make themselves at home is more than a little unsettling.

We know they sing and poke fun at Bilbo but in the end they clean up after themselves and then all gather round the table and get to the business at hand.

It got me thinking about tables…and gatherings…


When I stop and think of all the tables I’ve found myself seated at lately, it brings a great smile to my face.

At the holidays, my family gathers around, now multiple tables, to laugh and share a meal.

Every few months, my good friends invite me over and the three of us play the new tabletop game they’ve purchased.

I’ve sat across from my niece and nephews as they color me a picture for my fridge.

Twice, I’ve gotten to lend my voice to a podcast.

I’ve shared early morning coffee chats and LATE evening chats

Dreams were dreamt, space was held, and lives were made just a little better and brighter…all by having a seat.

So, whether your company gets as rowdy as 13 dwarves, or it’s just one person, keep welcoming people to your table and accepting invitations to sit at others’. Relationships happen all over Middle Earth and you never know when one could lead you on your next GREAT ADVENTURE!!!



Writing, what’s that!?

Greetings my lovlies!!!

and now let’s take a big>>>SIGH<<< together.


If you had told me that when I sat down to write this that it would have been 2 months since I last wrote, I would have gotten really defensive…BUT I’d be wrong.

Plans, OHHHHHHHHH, the plans I had (have), which if I am honest, feel like excuses sometimes…BUT transparency is one of the names of my game here, so, listen up!


I have been working two jobs this FALL season to prepare myself for a SET schedule in 2020 and that INCLUDES writing! There have been many a Sunday (currently my only day off) where I’ve wondered how smart my idea is BUT the horizon is so close, it doesn’t matter anyways 😀

I knew that outside of journaling, October wouldn’t have much writing in it because I set it aside to join a movie challenge from Epic Film Guys  and the sketching challenge Inktober  with the idea that I am going to have to “DO” more, in order to write about more. There will be posts on both of those things, soon! I am sorry they didn’t happen on Oct. 31st as originally intended but I promise that I will post them anyway!


November, ahhhhhhh, November…this month was suppose to be a CELEBRATION of the blogs 1 year Anniversary and the fact that it’s now the 16th and this is the first post, is completely my fault. The biggest lesson my anxiety has taught me this month is that you can be excited to the point of procrastination, and, whew, have I been.

In addition to catching up on neglected corners of this space, I also planned to read a book(s) on the craft of writing this month with hopes to alternate the fiction and craft readings so that I can, hopefully become a better and more diligent writer. There are only a couple of weeks left in the month but I do plan to read the, highly, recommended book On Writing by Stephen King before the month is over.

December is going to be crazy with my second trip to Ireland coming up AND the Holidays of course BUT I have so much content coming, all the chaos will be worth it.

Thanks for sticking with me! I really look forward to re-familiarizing myself with every room here and making it a cozy place to be!

We’ll chat again soon!



Saying “I Love You”

What can I do, right now, in this extremely contemplative moment (besides still be drinking coffee at noon)!?

WRITE…ok, cool, I know a place 😉



My, Today Love Showed Up journal


Five days in to year 37, on one of the MOST heavy/light weeks of the year and lessons are already  pouring in…it was bound to happen, right!?

I started the week, and this journal, on Monday, my birthday and was SUPER excited to do it. Not only was my BIG goal for the year to recognize and appreciate love in all of it’s forms BUT one of my daily goals was to make sure I say “I Love You” and I was READY. Ready to feel it and to say and I thought it was going to be easy…I was wrong.

Monday was incredible…I literally floated ALL day, basking in the reciprocal flow of LOVE as so many reached out to celebrate my life and remind me why it matters. That day, it was very easy to start my journal and fill the page with all the ways love showed up.

Tuesday was easy too. It was World Suicide Prevention Day, a day that has come to mean a great deal to me and though has the potential to be crippling, through my incredible community of fellow light chasers and hope seekers, I was able to find love around every corner I turned.

Wednesday met me with a moody scene and brick wall. Being a part of the mental health community often means that good news/unpleasant news travel in the same caravan, even though we hope, wish and fight for it not to be true. The heavy news of another death by suicide was all I could read. I did not know the person but in this community, the impact is no less because of that fact and I am grateful I can FEEL right alongside my tribe on this…That day, I did not trip and fall over love…I had to read the words of my friends and let the love I have for them and the love they have for their friends well up in me and move me. I also had to get out of the space I do my best thinking in (home) and search for signs of love showing up, outside and off the internet. It worked, if only for a few hours…I sat and watched friends interact with each other, a husband playing for the crowd but singing directly to his wife, a tiny dog wanting nothing more than to sit in the lap of her person and even a few hugs from people who recognized me. I was able to write by the end of that night and I was grateful!


Thursday, in spite of my best efforts, felt like what I imagine climbing a very high mountain would be…the kind of feeling where you can’t take a full inhale because the oxygen just isn’t there. I started the day off in gratitude and with prayer but could not find that feeling I was looking for…Worry was heavy on my mind. The more familiar or (in tune) I get, the more I feel and most of the time that isn’t a bad thing but on days when I can’t get my own head above the water, I know I am going to re-learn how to tread that water. In my efforts, I found a few smiles, a few laughs and a few hugs, all which had the warmth of love but it didn’t feel real enough to put in the journal. I felt utterly spent, at day 4…what the hell am I going to do with this journal now?


Friday. As guilt ridden as I get with taking a day off (especially, when a trip isn’t involved), I knew I needed it today. When I am not asleep, I am thinking…and thinking…and thinking. It’s so hard for me to wrap my head around such a, seemingly, easy thing to do BEING so difficult sometimes. I met my daily goal of saying “I Love You”  BUT my quest to witness how it shows up is DIRECTLY connected to where my head/heartspace is. If I am feeling disconnected, things like friendship/kinship/love feel very far away. I can’t feel/see what I am not open to. How in this world can a lover like me, continuously shut herself out/down!?


This is my headspace, even as I type now…and I don’t have an answer but the reminder that I don’t have to is refreshing. There will be days when non of us get it right (or wrong) and there are days when there isn’t a right/wrong…there is just, IS. I am known for saying “I am here for it all” because I know that even in the “???” moments, there is room to grow and I AM here for it.

Showing up is what it is all about…


We’ll get outside for sunsets, for exercise, for hobbies, and friends. We’ll come back inside to rest, because we’ve learned we need to rest.

We’ll keep showing up. We’ll keep checking in. We’ll keep saying, “I love you.” We’ll keep being honest. We’ll keep asking questions. We’ll keep listening. We’ll keep learning. We’ll keep seeing people. We’ll keep reminding people they are priceless. We’ll keep reminding people that life is worth living.

We’ll believe the air in our lungs might also be a gift. We’ll live as long as we possibly can, finding and sharing every good thing. We’ll be surprised along the way, by love and joy and wonder, by people, and by things that feel true.

We’ll make today better.

You make today better.


My friend (and one of my all time favorite, vulnerable voices and hope chasers), Jamie Tworkowski knows all about those headspace moments and somehow found the words I needed.

Check the full blog out here…




Let’s promise to keep saying “I Love You” and to keep showing up for each other AND ourselves!!




Edge of Thirty-Seven

Depending on when you are reading this, I am either on the edge of 37 or, in fact, 37 years old.

Blogs aren’t the place for writing books so I can’t fully describe here, all that 36 was filled with, however, I can tell you that everything it brought me put me in a very reflective headspace earlier in the week and has led to what you are about to read.

I typically leave brainstorming and goal setting in the pages of long forgotten (or possibly even tossed) journals BUT in 2018 I wrote down a few things that come the end of the year, did in one form or another become things that happened. It was mind blowing.

So, when I found myself in that same state, I went with it. What it ended up looking like is 5 BIG goals for year 37, then the same with daily/weekly/monthly ideas and I am going to share them with you!!

I thought I’d start with a very transparent photo of me, today, on a hike with my Dad.


The BIG 5


  1. See LOVE in ALL it’s forms and ALL it’s magic~ If you’ve been following along, this year I opened myself up to romantic love (after a 10 year hiatus) and while I am still very open to it and very HOPEFUL, I have realized that post such a long hiatus, I get singular focus…which isn’t a good thing. In it, I stop listening to the people that already love, accept and champion me and I try to prove my worth to a stranger. Everyday, I am surrounded with love…a wonderful family, amazing friends, the best clientele I could ask for, and nature (a love letter itself). When I feel alone, love isn’t far away, if I am paying attention and leaning in to ALL aspects of it, it will show off in ways I can’t even imagine. THAT’s what I want in year 37…525,600min of measuring my life in LOVE ❤ ❤ ❤
  2. Submitting my writing, Fiction or Non Fiction to a publisher~ I have been writing for years. For most of my adulthood, I have kept journals and participated in writing projects, and as of the past 6 years, I have been blogging a good bit. When I am not doing that, I am writing letters to pen pals, and in this past year and a half, I’ve even written some slam poetry. NOTHING but the blogs has ever been made available for public consumption and it’s time for that statement to be false. For 3 years I have had access to the local writing community and in it are some of the best resources I could have at my side and they are very eager to help me get where I want to be. I guess I just had to be sure that I wanted to be there. I DO want to be there, in one form or the other. I have started a book that is meant to be part of a 4 book series but if I am honest, I haven’t touched it in months. I have, however written about a dozen poems. It isn’t enough for a book yet but it feels like something that might happen faster than the book series. We WILL see!! The best news is that I finally have more characters and stories running around in my head than the original one, SO, hopefully, there will be plenty to work on in year 37!
  3. Developing my photography craft and building a portfolio~ FACT, I have gone to school for photography and have the student debt to prove it. I was excited about it at first and then, though I couldn’t recognize it at the time, crippling anxiety had me all but hanging up my camera. It’s taken most of the decade since school to be comfortable with the feel of it in my hand again and to like what I see on the computer afterward. It’s still got a long way to go to look like what I want it to BUT I am excited about it again and that is HUGE! I am ready to do what I need to do to get it where I want it to be AND I am ready to start sharing it HERE! In year 37, MORE original work will fill this space!
  4. Thrifting OR making my own clothing ONLY~At first read, this might seem like a difficult task BUT thanks to thriftastic friends, I have been able to unintentionally thrift for the past 6 months and though it takes some digging some days, I do find pieces that work for me. It’s a good feeling to be more mindful even with something as simple as shopping for clothes. Sewing has interested since my grandmother bought me a Kennmore machine when I was 13…but like SO many other things in my teenage years, I didn’t practice, didn’t cultivate it and am honestly still a newbie at it. Making my own clothes could be a massive undertaking but the sewing machine in my closet floor is BEGGING me to brush the dust off it or set it free…I am not quite ready to set it free, so, it looks like, for better or worse, year 37 will have me finally putting something in the Handcrafted room of this lovely little space 🙂
  5. Reaching Onederland and maintain it~ I may not have made a post about it here but the progress with my health this year has been documented on my Instagram (@onwanderwoodlane) since I finally took control of it. After what feels like a lifetime, I found something that worked for me at a time when I am the kindest to myself and it has made all the difference. I have shed almost 40lbs in year 36 and have reached a place where I feel as good about the external progress as I do the internal progress (because it will forever be progress, never a completion). I still have some major goals for year 37, because even though I am completely capable of doing whatever I want to do, I WANT to do it from the healthiest place I can. I am not obsessing on a number, mind you, I am just giving myself a SUPER FUN place to throw a major victory party when it happens…and it WILL happen THIS year!


A NOTE on REALLY LOVING by Tyler Knott Gregson

On the Daily


  1. Gratitude~ Feeling and appreciating what is working in your life will change the way you greet the day and I want that feeling, everyday.
  2. Pray/Meditate~ Reaching out to The Creator from a quieter mind allows you to FEEL the request leave and makes it way to where it’s going and I want that feeling, everyday.
  3. Dance~ For me, there is nothing like moving to music, nothing and I want that feeling, everyday.
  4. Smile/Make Someone Smile~ This is a new observation that I have been practicing, mostly because I have “resting bitch face” and I really like the way my face feels when it’s smiling…like I don’t have to hide anymore…like I don’t want to hide anymore and I want that feeling, everyday.
  5. Say ‘I Love You’ ~ This typically isn’t hard for me but I want to make myself even MORE capable of expressing my feelings because I will NOT be afraid/nor hide them anymore. When you love from a healthy place, there is no cap to it and it can fill you up beyond your comprehension and I want that feeling everyday!



Sometime this Week


  1. Hike~ I have a kinship with nature and nothing makes me feel more ALIVE than being on the trail. I will be chasing that in year 37!
  2. Practice Reiki~ Energy healing has been calling me for years. I leaned into it fully as of a few months ago and am ready to share it!
  3. An Act of Self Love~ Like SO many others, I am very bad at giving my time, to myself and for myself. That’s changing too! 37 is all about honoring ME!
  4. Write a piece on Mental Health~ To date, my piece on World Suicide Prevention Day has been the most viewed post I have ever written. I have SO much to say about that topic and if that many people are listening, I MUST talk about it MORE!
  5. Talk to Family/Friends~ I was warned that the older you get, the faster time goes by and for the longest time, I didn’t believe it…I do now…before we all realize it, another month has gone by. I am SO guilty of preferring to see people in person BUT that isn’t always something that works and communication, though not always perfect, has never been easier. If I want to feel connected, I need to connect…it’s that simple!





  1. Try Something New~ It’s no secret here that I enjoy what I learn anytime I am required to stretch/grow. However, I would prefer that it didn’t always come after a hard lesson. I want to challenge myself in new and creative ways each month to continue that trend in a gentler way.
  2. Read a book~ Folks!!!! One of the rooms on Wanderwood Lane IS FOR BOOKS and I have read a grand total of 4 this year…SAD…especially considering ALL the books in the TBR. I am committing to this even if it means giving up binging a show!
  3. Write Letters~ I have always enjoyed pen to paper but I get more than a few pages in to a letter these day and my hand starts to ache. I want to work those aches out and continue to improve my penmanship, because, it’s a gift!
  4. Get a new plant~ Over the past 6 months, I have aquired 5 plants and they make such a big difference to the energy in my home, I want to include more as each month passes and see just what kind of magic can live here!
  5. Help Someone Else~ If I took a microscope to my adulthood, it would show someone, somewhere by my side, holding me up. Where I am now is direct reflection of the people who have helped me along the way. I want to pay that forward in as many ways as I can, big or small!


Notebooks were on sale at A.C. Moore today SO I snagged one for regular journaling, one is for literally writing LOVE and the other is a sketch book (my something new for September)

When I started this post, I had NO idea it would take almost 2,000 words BUT I couldn’t be more thankful that it has. Writing needs to become second nature if I want to be published, as do 2,000 word nights!

It’s been SO much fun to share this with you all and I thank you from the bottom of my heart of caring about this little space enough to keep coming back to it! You all matter VERY much to me and I am so grateful for my readers ❤


NOW, 37…

Bring me that horizon!