It’s become a routine, on the morning’s that I work from home, to put a digital fire on the tv, sit on my couch perch and journal for about an hour or so. Even though it’s been less than a month since I added it, I’ve really grown to consider that time sacred.

Most days there is no prompt, I just write whatever comes to mind, you know, the 6 or so pages of it 😂

However, I woke up to a really good one via the text of a dear friend this morning and so, here we are.

“Only 12 days until you leave on your adventure!”

It’s incredible to me that you can spend SO MUCH time thinking about something and then, in the blink of an eye, it’s upon you. What felt like a far off dream is down to the double checking of the practical things like what/how to pack and any last minute booking changes.

The “dreaming of” is my wheelhouse and building them is no problem at all to me. The fruition part, especially when it comes to taking trips, is a bit out of my comfort zone as there is normally a part of my company that like to do those kinds of things and made it really easy for me (a massive thank you to those people from trips prior).

For this particular adventure though, I’ve had to grow more comfortable with planning, booking, packing and logistics, because, I am going on Holiday!!! Not just any holiday, THE HOLIDAY!!!!

The Holiday, the movie, came out in 2006 and ever since then I have wanted to have a similar experience around the holidays. I don’t necessarily mean an all out rom/com, in fact, back then I can promise you that I was very cynical about them but I just adored the overall idea of choosing to be somewhere completely different than what you are use to around a time that has probably been spent around much the same surroundings.

Iris is a character I immediately found myself in and you could say that it’s added to the comedic effect that, in many ways, I still do. As single journalist who covers wedding announcements (and helps an ex edit his book when she’s probably got her own she could be writing), she escapes the hamster wheel of unrequited love and the desire to be chosen to get lost in the unknown. It doesn’t take her long, at all, to let herself completely go and be open to what her escape has to teach her.

The home exchange she utilizes for the trip has her in the hills of LA from Surrey, England and right next door, by those same LA standards, to a charming, elderly, old Hollywood neighbor (my favorite character), Arthur, who quickly becomes her dear friend and the one who tells her that it’s time for her to be “leading lady in her own life”.

I’ve sobbed at that part of the movie more times than I can count because I know that for most of my adulthood, I haven’t really known how to do that in my own life. That might even sound strange to those that have known me for a while and “seen me living life” but it’s true. I’ve always, very much felt like a really great supporting actress.

Haha, ok, anyway!!!! Iris found her gumption and her “leading lady” way in just a couple of weeks (because it’s a movie) and the entire point of this post is that I am learning to also (took much, much longer).

In 12 days, I land in England for a two week Holiday! My Christmas and New Year will be spent on a completely different continent and I’m so excited!!

***I suppose I need to briefly mention Amanda here because, in the movie, she’s the one that actually goes to England but outside of potentially driving very horribly in the snow, in a new country, dancing around the entire cottage to really loud music and opening the door late at night for Graham (Jude Law), I don’t have much in common with her (especially that LA life). Hey Graham, I am a weeper too 😉

Give me the wide openness of green (possibly snow covered), rolling hills, small(ish) villages with old world architecture, train rides to places known for their pastries, Christmas markets and acres of newness to wander. Much like my first (and second trip) to Ireland, very little big city time will be had.

From it’s inception to just this morning, I have had to let the idea build, tear down, release and rebuild several times along the way…LETTING GO of what/how I think it should go so that it can happen how it needs to, because that is where the magic is!!!

And, after all, I can’t have any “meet cutes” if I don’t let it have any free flow!

What am I hoping for? Feelings friends, loads and loads of feelings! I want my face to hurt from all the smiles brought and to be able to wipe many a tear from my eyes through the constant awakening that is being fully present…and if I happen upon my very own Arthur Abbott-esque kind of new friend(s) that would be lovely!!

The Holiday 2 is happening!! Stay tuned ☺️

2 Comments on “Sequels

  1. Loved your post!
    A lot has happened since I saw you last. Hope to see you before your trip. If I don’t, you have the time of your life, enjoying the sights and experience of your trip!!!! Love ya!!!
    Lisa S.

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