Between the Crashing of Waves

Reading is one of my absolutely favorite things to do. It’s been very eye opening over these past few years to realize how very easily I can forget how much I enjoy something in the leaving it undone.

For most of my adulthood, and probably longer if I tried to trace it, I’d spent more time being intimidated out of actually doing things than I ever did completing them. Overwhelmed by every, single, thing took lots of joy out of them. That doesn’t negate all of the things I did accomplish and enjoy, of course, it just pulls at my heart strings a little bit that I let what I thought my TBR/Read pile should look like keep me from so many worlds/characters/stories…

I can’t really say what it is about this year that makes me want to get so many grooves back but I am going to ride those waves, as far as they will take me.

Speaking of waves, I managed to read a couple of books while on vacation at the beach this past May and that felt really, really good! Thankfully, I found my reading momentum is right where I left it and ready for me to engage it at any time!!

The genre that I always want to read seaside makes me chuckle a little bit. I could let myself get swept away in (and if I’m totally honest, easily write) a super ooey gooey love story, sail the seas of adventure, or even a non-fiction account of the area but, every time, I choose to get my adrenaline pumping and my mind blown, with THILLERS.

The ocean/beach is very peaceful and I do let myself enjoy that serenity, I promise, but every moment in between, I am under the umbrella, enthusiastically turning pages.

Netlfix gave me my first introductions to Harlan Coban as they have done about 6 book adaptations now and The Woods is one of them, however, I decided I wanted to read them before I watch them, from now on, as they have all been ‘that good’.

Leave it to me to get my introduction to Colleen Hoover in her first book of this nature. My pal Jenn, at my favorite local coffee shop/used book store, told me that I wouldn’t be able to put Verity down and that when I did, I might need a little bit of time before picking up another book. She wasn’t wrong! This was the one that blew my mind, in fact, I am still not sure what really happened. If you like this particular genre, read it! It’s fantastic! I know I probably need to add more of her work to my list but I also, kind of, want to hold out to see if she will write more of these!!

***I read (and enjoyed) David Hosp last year but threw the photo in because I took it šŸ™‚

So, that’s what I like to read beach/pool side!!

What about you??

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