I Wish My Family Knew That…

What a truly perfect time to be writing this one! Truly!

I’m at the very cusp of 4-0 and I could not have and, very likely, would not have made it to this point without them…they who are now a blend of both blood relative and deeply bonded friend.

The road has most definitely taken many a mountain pass but as it’s so famously said, it’s made me the very person typing this right now. A person that I, now, love very deeply, that I am proud of and that I joyfully share with those of you that read this.


I am as whole as I can be at this moment in time and I owe a great deal of that wholeness to all of the words of encouragement/love/support that I can now hear/receive and with great/sincere hope, echo back to you.

My cup is full of love, joy, peace, etc. and when it overflows, I share it with everyone that I can. When it isn’t, I lean into all of the sources that so generously share it with me and we nourish each other as best we can.

My dreams take flight now, no longer caged by my own doing. I don’t know where or how they will eventually take root and produce fruit BUT they are alive and free! I promise!

I will never, ever, give up on myself. I am the best proof I have that every amount of doing the deep work on one’s ‘self’ yields the most incredible beauty, at every single turn and though that never spares pain, it rallies around it and holds it till it passes into something that hurts a bit less.

When I was a young girl, dreaming of what my family would look like one day, I could have never pictured the one that I have received, this incredible blend of lives choosing to love/give/serve one another. I am blessed, grateful and filled with deep love for you all.


One Comment on “I Wish My Family Knew That…

  1. This so warms my heart, the writer in you is truly talented! I feel ever word! You are so very special! My love always ♥️ mom

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