What Can You See, On The Horizon

Good Morning my friends!

If this is your first time here, WELCOME and thank for being here, today!!!

To my return visitors, I give a gigantic gratitude hug and for those who happen to know me personally, I take my hugs very seriously! I hope you feel it, even in the smallest of ways, this very moment.

I happen to be fresh off a three day writing conference #hwconference2022 (much more on that soon!) and while it could be very, very easy to put this exchange off as a ride of the that high, if you have been around for any length of time, at all, you know I wouldn’t have popped in today, if there wasn’t a deeper take away.

***And, also, I don’t intend to merely ride this new wave, I intend to WRITE IT!!

There’s so much I could say about my writing journey and it will all, likely find it’s way here as we go along but this morning I got the download that’s meant for this conversation.

It’s not something that’s come up a lot here or on the socials but I’ve been a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT) for 11 years and have had the privilege of building/running my own practice for that entire length of time. When I started out, though I believed very passionately in the work I would do, I was a bundle of insecurity and nerves. It took several years to get to a point to where it would be what the industry would call successful but once I got there, I stayed there for many more years and saw as many people as I possibly could.

Around year 8, I was very confident in my craft, my skills and ability to help my clientele. At that point I had also begun to explore my second modality of healing arts (Reiki) and noticed a similar pattern of starting with insecurity/nerves and have also noticed that continuing to practice it makes me more confident/secure and “better” at it and that, makes it all the more magical.

I tell you all of that because sometime around May of 2021, I hit a breaking point. In all of the truth of the knowledge of the good I was doing, of the financial stability/success a lucrative practice created and all of the healing I helped facilitate, the loudest truth was that I was suffocating, and it took months to figure out how to breathe again and, in that truth, I am still learning.

In August of 2021 I took a massive step back from those practices, accepted an unrelated part time position at place that I’ve never really left and decided that it was time to work on my writing…but did I really do that?

What I’ve realized this morning is that in regard to writing, I have never practiced it enough to get out of that space of insecurity and nerves BUT in the reflection of the rest of my life thus far, I know that I CAN do it!

My healing practices still exist in a very small but sacred space and as a practitioner, knowing that is what I needed at this point in my career, saved it, saved me and brought all the magic back into it.

Now, here, today, I am ready to see that kind of sacredness and magic grow from the sharing of the words on my heart. The beauty of it is (encouraged by one of the keynotes of the conference) that it might look like a blog post here (or on my other space WeGeekGirls), an Instagram post, a Tweet, a novel, an entire series, a screen play, a comic or a handwritten letter BUT it will, never, be nothing.

For the masses, for you or just for me, I will get them out into the world.

Let’s flow ❤

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