It Feels Like Summer to Me

This is my first blog post utilizing the Hope Writers June writing prompts and OK, I already, kind of, cheated within this post by using ‘Summer’ in the title and now in the first sentence BUT here we are 🙂

Gone, at least for me, are the times when those HOT months between Spring/Fall contained anything outside of my day to day life…no breaks from school, no long vacations, no soaking in the long days of sun and fun. I guess it would be fair to say that, in my adulthood, I haven’t really ever looked forward to it.

This year, I am, however, trying to celebrate it a little bit more.

What I have found in that, is nothing short of spectacular. Oh, it’s HOT, and UGHHHHH do I dislike the heat BUT I have seen the most incredibly colorful sunsets (at almost 9pm). One evening, after a really messy storm, the entire sky was this brilliant shade of orange, peppered with purple. Another evening the orange/pink gave way to deep blue/green. I tried to capture each one with my phone camera but it simply didn’t do it justice.

Bedtime generally hits me around 9 and for the past few weeks, the sun isn’t down yet. It’s very weird to ‘try’ and go to sleep when it isn’t fully dark out and so I have drifted into this rather nice flow of reading a little bit by the fading sunlight. The book I chose fits perfectly for this as it’s contents take some time to process, so the few pages I am able to get through match perfectly the arrival of the nightsky and the back of my eyelids.

No matter what ‘shape’ I’ve been in my adulthood, I have spent it largely, fully covering up, which is absolutely miserable during those Summertime activities most look forward to and so you might also guess, I don’t generally do any of them. In the spirit of this one, though, I have gotten the most adventurous I have been in quite some time. I have swimsuits, that, yes, I do wear, shorter dresses, tank tops and several pair of shorts…although the sun seems to always forget my legs so you would never know they see it 😉 It has made the leaning in to those activities much more inviting…now, if I could just get the sun protection perfected.

While I am nowhere near ready to call it my favorite season, as it has the very tough competition of my beloved Autumn, I can say that Summer and I are becoming friends and I look forward to the rest of our time together this year!

Happy SUMMER all!!

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