Snow Days on the Lane

The scene captured below was the view from my porch this morning and all I could muster without leaving the warm, coziness of the living room. Part of me wanted to slip my boots on and hear the crunch of fresh fall under my feet but they had been left in the car (typical of me) and thus, probably colder than it was worth to retrieve them.

My tiny corner of the world

When I looked out and around, at the time, all was quiet, still and peaceful. No one stirred as far as I could see…it was magnificent. In a matter of minutes, my day was completely re-arranged. I pulled back my curtains to let the bright, white, sun reflected light pour in, started a cup of coffee and washed dishes while admiring more snow covered stillness framed by the kitchen window. It’s incredible to me that if I pause long enough, it looks like a storybook page.

When the dishes were done, I went to put my fitbit back on, out of habit, start some laundry and make mental note of all that I was going to “get done” today…In the brief moments it takes to fasten the clasp of that device, I realized that, today, I don’t want to be measured.

There is always something to be done and/or something I could do but hadn’t I just let the newly fallen snow and it’s stillness set the tone for my day!? Why would I want to ruin it with the haste and the counting of steps/heart rate and “zone mins” and tasks completed. Why should I ruin it!!?

I decided not to.

Now, I live and love in the middle of North Carolina, a place where we make such BIG DEAL of this kind of thing because it’s rare, beautiful and fleeting…we pause, enjoy and (most of us anyways) are overly careful because we haven’t been seasoned enough to do it any other way. If I can’t see the road, I don’t drive on it.

So, I completely changed my day even though I can already see blades of grass through it’s melting and the road beyond my quiet yard is traffic filled once again…I am choosing to let snow be ok…to let myself be still in the day, whatever else it entails.

Thankfully, a text of “what are you waiting for” brought me here but shades open or closed, nothing else about today needs to be counted, simply enjoyed.

I hope you enjoy your day too!!

Happy Saturday 🙂

2 Comments on “Snow Days on the Lane

  1. Hope you’re still enjoying the stillness! I am, watching the snow melt and birds around the bird feeder. Even had a hawk fly in. Stay warm!


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