While You Were Steeping

As you may have deduced by now, my fondness for loose leaf tea is at an all time high!

I am very excited to have a page on my blog devoted entirely to my venture of becoming the ultimate tea enthusiast.

I had to snag this little crocheted cuppa by @thirtysevenstars

While You Were Steeping will feature what’s in my cuppa on any given day as well as special items I might come across.

For example. I took advantage of the David’s Tea 24 days of Tea¬†recently have loads of tea blends to share from that box, as well as a set of Holiday tea poppers from a friend.

The idea is not only to refine my palette so that I can find the best it out there, it is also to share these great tea companies with you in hopes that our support can keep them blending loose leaf for years to come.

The posts will be a short/sweet peek at my tea tasting experience, designed to help you decide if it’s something you would like to try.

All my fellow tea sippers will want to stay tuned to this page!!


I had to share the feature image again because I had a custom decal made to accompany my blog postings. I think it turned out great!

You can get one for yourself here:




Welcome to Wanderwood Lane!

For the past decade my life has been a collection of adventures, that’s the positive word for it, and through it I’ve developed a long list of interests.


Over the last several months I’ve been working on a journaling project that has served to fine tune those interests to the ones that I can’t regularly function without.

Books, books, and more books

Written words are magical and they move me. Creating a space to place my own words has become just as important as reading and sharing the words of others. Add to that a fondness for documenting life, traveling, trying new things and copious amount of loose leaf tea, you will begin to get an idea of what you will find On Wanderwood Lane.


Though this post contains borrowed images, the highest goal of this blog is to bare witness to my above mentioned creative endeavors.

Think of it as a location, where if you are so inclined, you can pull up a chair and join the journey through a life aiming to be well lived, well documented and enjoyed to the fullest.

Thanks for visiting today! See you again soon!