Greetings of the Season

Christmas is an absolute favorite holiday of mine and I know I am not alone in that. No matter where you go during that time of the year, you are sure to find lights, decorations, an overall cheerfulness of people and a little extra magic in the air.

Over the past few years, the above mentioned feeling has only grown!!!

Believe it or not there was a time when I had grown quiet numb to the wonder, the magic and, honestly, dreaded the festiveness a little. It can become really easy to get lost in all of the “should, could, what if and why” of life and drift into an auto pilot of sorts.

My eagerness to celebrate Christmas in England found my spirits at an all time high and there are more than a few movies to blame for that (A Christmas Carol, Harry Potter, Love Actually, The Holiday, etc).

I couldn’t wait to land at Heathrow, see the row houses with lights in the window, visit decorated cathedrals and see/hear “Happy Christmas” as often as possible ๐Ÿ™‚

What I found wasn’t exactly what I expected but as I am learning, expectations should be held very loosely so that they have the freedom to, hopefully, exceed all you think possible.

AND Ohhhhhhhhh, Nottingham! (I love and miss you).

Shout out to the wonderful ladies I met at White Rose 5 and Lush, where I made my first purchases of the trip. Thanks for making me feel so welcome in your city ๐Ÿ™‚

I’d heard murmurs of a winter market being held just down the street from my accommodations before I left to explore, Day 1, so I knew that would be one of the first sights to see.

It took less than 10min to follow the tram rail down the hill a block and turn the corner to this…

It was overcast (gloomy) and the whimsy of a small, fair style event, back dropped by the incredible architecture of City Hall immediately drew me in. Although still very satisfied by the full English breakfast I started the day with, the aroma of all the freshly made food made my mouth water and I followed my nose. Sounds of laughter rang out from the small ice skating rink that welcomed guests at the entrance. Those sounds mingled well with each vendor’s musical melody and/or joyful chatter as it drifted along the market footpath. Lines of excited patrons could be found waiting for their turn to experience one of the rides, games or a savory/sweet treat.

After much more walking around, I helped myself to one of those treats myself! My friend Ben told me about one of his favorite meal options, halloumi, and so I opted for a portobello burger with fried halloumi and chips. It was incredible!

The smile that had already found permanence on my face widened with each step I took. THIS is why I was here and I soaked in every moment of it!

Ben, the friend I mentioned above, went to University in Nottingham and came into town the next morning for a chat and to offer his own take on the city. We had coffee and a long conversation at the dreamiest little shop with all the charming nooks and atmosphere I could have hoped for. After that, he showed me to and around Waterstones, a 5 floor bookstore. It was pouring rain by the time we exited the bookstore and that is when we parted ways but it was a Friday that I’ll never forget. Thanks BEN โค

It being the holiday season may have played a small part in the fact that everyone I encountered was friendly, but I like to think that is just the way they are…lovely and kind…like all of greetings I became so fond of (love, my lovely, darling, my dear, duck). Hearing all of those affectionate terms was very special for a gal like me and the icing on that cake was sharing smiles with tons of families walking around in their Christmas jumpers.

My face is smiling wide once again as I think about those days in Notts!! They were truly, the best gift ๐ŸŽ

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