A Milestone Birthday

Last Tuesday I wrote an instagram post for someone very special to me. She read it (in fact she reads just about all my words <3), loved it and asked me later that day how she could save it, as she does her cards, to look back at when she is feeling down.

Although I know she could save it under a tab on Insta, I thought I’d repost it here also, so that everytime she comes here to visit, she can read it again!

THIS post is dedicated to the most important woman in my life, my Momma, Geteia!

Today is her 60th birthday!!!

I swiped the first photo from the archives and have proceeded to fill the rest of the slides with selfies from my phones predetermined folder.

Although they probably only span the past decade, I think they showcase us pretty darn well.

She, always a pillar of love, strength and support with the most beautiful/warm smile I’ve ever seen and always the one holding me up, who in most of these, needed it very much.

I’ve learned more from her life/example than can fit here and we’ve learned a great deal more, together and never without a hand to hold!

I’m eternally grateful for the deep friendship that’s accompanied our mother/daughter relationship for 40years now and I love that she’s one of the truest gifts in my life.

I’m very blessed and honored to have her!!!

Thank you for always BEING exactly who you are, my entire life, and for holding my hand until I learned to do the same.

I LOVE YOU 3000 💗💫💗✨

Happy Birthday Momma!!!

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