A Tale of a Dream Come True

Ever since I named this part of Wanderwood Lane, I wanted it to be filled with something really special. I’ve enjoyed tea for years…and coffee too if I am honest, but I wanted this to be a celebration of all the joy it brings me to brew and steep a giant cup up (yes, I have to admit that the true tea cups only come out when I have company).

I’ve found the perfect product to get this celebration started.

The Adaptogen Line from Teeccino

While I orignally found Teeccino a couple of years ago, I didn’t get my full immersion in it until last year.

I was doing a special fitness challenge with my fit community last year and although it wasn’t a part of the challenge, I wanted to work on my caffiene intake. You see, when I made coffee, in the past, I’d make almost a full pot and drink on it until about 10am everyday…I knew that was too much but in my mind, I couldn’t help it, I really liked the taste.

Thankfully, I remembered back to my trip to Italy a few years ago, where we prepared for the long flight by getting rid of caffiene for a few days prior. I took a look back through my photographs from the trip and found the little golden packet of Hazelnut Teeccino.

I immediately went to Amazon to see what I could get quickly. Much to my delight, they had a variety pack and that purchase was a no brainer.

I’ve spent the majority of the year letting that variety pack lead me to this love affair I now have with these products. Hazelnut started it but from there, I’ve come to enjoy the French Roast, Dandilion Dark Roast, Maca Chocolate, Vanilla Nut AND their Fall seasonal blends are AMAZING.

These blends are the best of both worlds for me because they brew rich and savory, just like coffee but don’t have the acid or caffeine that coffee does, so I can enjoy them any time of the day and completely relish it (and I sure do).

All of the teas and herbal coffees that I have tried, to date, are full of flavor all on their own, but I’ll admit I indulge a little and add my favorite non-dairy sweet cream to most of mine. I prefer mine freshly brewed/steeped hot most of the time but have also found them a delicious base for my protien shakes and smoothies too!!!

My biggest and best discovery came along with my recently approved ambassdorship last month. As I have become more aware of how stress and anxiety affect my mind/body and life, I have been doing more research on natural ways to help ease both. Enter Teeccinos mushroom adaptogen line.

I’m two tea/coffees into my experience and I have to say they are even better than anything I have tasted before and I literally smile everytime I enjoy a cup because I know that I am drinking something good for me, on many levels.

Tremella Tulsi– this was the first one I tried and the flavor combination of the chicory, Tulsi and cardamon was invigorating, like coffee with a little kick!

Tremella, the tropical mushroom reputed to promote lasting beauty, is paired with sacred Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil, the ‘Queen of Herbs’ for reducing stress in India’s Ayurvedic tradition. Blended with detox-stimulating dandelion root, experience bold, aromatic flavor with adaptogens protecting your mind & body!

Lion’s Mane Rhodoila– OHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY! I really don’t know when it happened but I tried rose in my tea a long time ago and it’s one of my favorite flavor notes but I had never considered it in a coffee substitute. I am thrilled that I tried this blend second. This combination is smooth and so very soothing after a long day. The rose is strong enough to hit the nose with a delighful fragrance while lifting the cup up but not too overpowering when it hits the taste buds. I’ll be ordering more of this one for sure!

Lion’s Mane, renowned in Asia as the nerve & brain protector, is paired with Rhodiola, Siberia’s mood enhancer that helps provide balance in times of need. Blended with prebiotic chicory, experience bold, aromatic flavor with adaptogens protecting your mind & body!

In case I don’t have you fully convinced to try it yet, let me also say that in addition to being caffeine free, these blends are gluten free and prebiotic.

If you are looking for a coffee alternative or perhaps a more robust tea, this is the best I’ve found.

Try some using the discount code OWLTeaParty

Until the next pot, happy sipping!!


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