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Hellooooooooo dear readers!

Here we are, at long last (blame me, not LR as she is several books ahead of me) at book three of the Bridgerton series (and my favorite so far)…

Book three starts with a Masqurade ball where the Bridgerton brothers, Colin and Benedict remain amongst the highly saught after of bachelors (though, as per usual, they aren’t overly thrilled about it).

Much to his own suprise, Benedict is quite taken with a mysterious and beautiful vision in silver, who’s identity is indeed a mystery to all in attendance, including Lady Whistledown.

Behind the mask, Sophie, is also taken with Benedict Bridgerton and the two of them share an intense few hours before the stroke of midnight has Ms. Beckett bolting for the door.

Sophie doesn’t belong in high society, or at least that is what she has been told most of her life, by her cruel Stepmother who treats her exactly like she does the rest of those under her employ, except, well, she doesn’t pay Sophie.Very much like Cinderella, Sophie is only able to attend the ball with the help of the other househld staff (they adore her), who make her unrecognizable and ensure she returns before she is found out.

Love finds Benedict and Sophie in those moments at the ball but it can never be…

Benedict doesn’t know the identity of the silver gowned maiden and Sophie knows that if he did know, he’d never have her.

The years that pass find them both still unattached and often thinking of that fateful night…until one afternoon in the countryside leads them back to eachother, with only one of them knowing that who they have been longing for, for so long, is right in front of them.

What follows is the often comical story of how Benedict and Sophie end up living in that fantasy from year prior…and it doesn’t come easily.

You know by now that I am not going to give you the whole story because it is so much better to get to know it for yourself but I will tell you that this couple has the best of dynamics when it comes to a story. I really appreciate the way Julia Quinn makes her characters work at love a little bit, without completely losing who they are.

As with the other two stories so far, there is banter and playfullness that developes between the characters that keeps it very, very interesting.

This is my favorite book, so far, because Benedict is my favorite Bridgerton brother. He is a bit of an artist, the second eldest, so not as many responsibilites as the Viscount, and he’d rather be at his house in the country then in town…sign me UP!!!

Happy Reading ALL!

See you in book 3

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