summer lovin’

Happy August my dear readers!!!

Wait, how is it August already!?!?! Is time flying for you all too???

Right now I am wondering what one does when they are 9 days in to the month and 9 days behind on ALL the goals they set out for said month??

My solution was to brew a cup of tea and GET BUSY!!!!

Normally, I would post a photo of the master plan I have for some major productivity for the month (and I do have that photo) but being that it has no check marks on it yet, I’ll save for the end of the month and we will all see how I did.

Check marks…I can’t pinpoint when it happened and I am not sure what character trait it is exactly but I have become someone that likes to make lists, put little check boxes under each task and mark it when complete.

I have a dry erase calender on my fridge that I won’t let myself mark through until I’ve done what I need to do for the day. That hasn’t worked as well for my August writing goals and I realize as I type this that it might have if I’d put the writing tasks on the same calender (insert mind blown emojii and make a note to do that in September). Let’s just say that I do plan to get caught up this week…and that’s going to be A LOT of words…;)

In the meantime, here’s a little slideshow of a few July highlights. The word ‘freedom’ came to me in early June and with it, a ton of thoughts (that will likely make it to another blog post). It’s pretty clear from all the space here On Wanderwood Lane, at this point, that I am always open to growth, healing, more understanding and a better way to LIVE this life. In July that looked like preparing for changes in my work/life balance and spending the weekends doing things with family/friends. There has been a lot of go, go, go but I know I need to relish it so that when the rest, rest, rest happens, I’ll be full of incredible memories to mediate on.

Talk to you again VERY soon,


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