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Dear Readers,

If it feels like it’s been eons since we last touched base, it has been and I beg your forgiveness but, as they say, life happens 🙂

BUT here we are, at long last, at book 2 of the Bridgerton series.

Now, we got a taste of the eldest Bridgerton, Anthony, in book one but we get the whole serving of him in The Viscount Who Loved Me.

As you may remember from our first encounter with the Viscount, he’s single, but perfectly content to refrain from mingling, at least not to settle down and start a family 😉 A rake is going to do what rake is going to do.

After the marriage of his sister Daphne, that changes. Anthony comes around to the idea of securing a wife and fulling his duty as the head of the Bridgerton family, he’s just not interested in love. His idea is to sweep a beautiful lady off her feet, be a good enough husband to a good enough wife and let that be that.

Enter Kate Sheffield, a woman as disinterested in being married off as the Viscount is in being domesticated. Kate’s distaste for the kind of man Anthony appears to be is evident from the very beginning. Her younger sister is free to entertain suitors, so long as they aren’t men about the ton, like Anthony Bridgerton, and even more so, NOT Anthony Bridgerton himself.

When the season arrives for all ladies of age to be presented to society, who do you think is first in line for the younger Ms. Sheffield??? Yep, the Viscount

What follows is an even bigger scandal than that of Daphne and Simon, if you can believe that. Kate and Anthony are both hell bent to hate each other all the while something deeper burns inside them.

A trip to the Bridgerton countryside estate changes everything. Who knew a game of Pall Mall, a thunderstorm and bee sting could change the course of the future or two families!?!?!

The Mallet of Death or as close as I could get

Julia Quinn did, that’s for sure!!

If you haven’t already, get to know the story of Anthony and Kate.

As for Renae and I, we are moving on to (my favorite from the show) Benedict Bridgerton!

Until next time, happy reading!

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