spring in my step

Hellllllloooooooo ALL!!!

Whew, what a glorious whirlwind the past few months have been!!!

I couldn’t think of a better day to recap the Spring than the first day of SUMMER!

Let’s see, I guessing by now that work and workouts are obvious…as both have become a necessity of my life and continue to be.

April. Cars, Waterfalls, Wine and Logging

April was the month I really exercised my photography muscles and it started with a Saturday morning visit to my buddy’s food truck for coffee and breakfast before scoping rows of cars at a local cruise in. The above pictured beauties are a few of my favorites!

The next weekend, my friend Gio and I went waterfall chasing in Bryson City, NC. We found an absolutely lovely Inn right in town that accomodated us to perfection, right down to wine and charchuatre board on the terrace in the evening. I forgot to pack my hiking shoes, which lead way to my first puchase of hiking boots (Keens) and I was not sorry about that! I’m legit now šŸ™‚

The following weekend, I took those very same boots to help my friend Ashley clear out her newly aquired mountain property. I’m not sure if it was the boots, the healthier lifestyle or just an overall sense of confidence but I hopped in/around/all over that land, wrangling fallen trees, weed eating and even operating a chain saw as instructed. It was the most alive I’d felt in a long time and by that I mean, my mind, with all it’s anxious potential, couldn’t be bothered out there…I even tried to get it to overthink something and it didn’t…pure, sheer, solace.

The end of April held two photo shoots and they were both for my oldest friend Lancie. I was blessed enought capture her enagement and bridal portraits and they were both incredible days!

May. Golden Girls, Sunsets, Birthdays and Thrillers

Ashley, Lancie and I affectionately call ourselves The Golden Girls and the first weekend in May was spent celebrating Lancie’s upcoming nuptuals in family owned cabin off the Blue Ridge Parkway. There we dressed up, poured ourselves some wine and painted by number while, you guessed it, The Golden Girls played in the background.

I didn’t get prior permission to share the second weekend festivities but it included my buddy Jeff’s Buddy Games themed birthday party, filled with laughter, delicious food (prepared by Jeff), actual games and good fellowship.

Garden City Beach and a 7 day vacation called to me the remainder of May. It was filled with sunrises/sunsets, 20 miles of beachfront walking, lots of reading, coffee, a trip to the arcade and a giant pancake breakfast with most of the family, what R&R is made of!!!

So, June has been much the same and I forgot to upload photos for it (oops)…

It has included my Dad’s retirement party, Lancie’s wedding weekend and a camping trip in Uwharrie National Forest.

Haha, was it all as busy as it sounds!?!? YES but also so full of love and life and I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

I watch this show called Roadkill all the time and the past few seasons, at the end of every episode, are the words “Get Busy Living”…it took a few episodes for that to sink in. It isn’t always in the “busy” part of that phrase but IS all in the LIVING part of it…

Whether it’s spending every weekend coming/going/staying put, surround yourself with lots of love or loving your alone time, here, there or everywhere…ENJOY each turn around the sun/moon and pack as much living as you can in to this life!

I’ll be here (and there) doing the very same!


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