Three Sisters Island Trilogy

Hello All!

Here we are, at the end of our first three books in our To Be Read pile for 2021.

What I love about Renae and I is that the only thing we are focused on with the maiden voyage of this book club is being gentle with it…we read as we read, discuss as we discuss and post about as we post about it.

Since these three books are so closely woven together, we decided to share about them in one post.

In this series, Three Sisters, is an island off of Massachusetts, formed, as the legend goes, by three witches escaping the Salem Witch Trials in the 1600s. The closest I could come to visual aids for this post was to pull a few shots from a trip I took to Cape Cod in 2018.

The history of Three Sisters Island is filled with the stories of the three sisters, witches, whose elements are air, earth, and fire. Together they formed a circled bond that built and protected the island for 300 years though the blood of their lineage. Each sister had a story that would fulfill prophecy when the time came for that protection to be tested.

The Three Sisters Island Trilogy is where the prophecy came together.

In Dance Upon the Air, the first book in the series, Nell, comes to the Island, drawn to it both as an escape from her past and because she literally feels drawn to it. It called to her.

She settles in quickly when she gets a job and housing from the local bookshop owner, Mia, who happens to need a cook and a tenant for her cottage rental property. Nell sends the small island into a flutter with her effortless expertise in the kitchen and finds instant kinship with Mia, who feels her magic instantly and urges her to lean in to it.

Nell captures one person’s attention specifically, Zack Todd, the eligible bachelor sheriff who is drawn to her by both her nature and her mystery. Along with his spit fire sister, Ripley, this group of islanders must band together to help protect Nell from the danger she’s fought so hard to put behind her.

Her element is Air.

Ripley Todd, second in command to serve and protect Three Sisters takes center stage in Heaven and Earth.

Fresh off the heels of Nell’s story, Mac Booke, paranormal researcher/historian, comes to the island he already knows most of the history of to get a first hand account from local witch Mia Devlin, who he hopes to persuade to help him with his studies of the unusual and supernatural.

He has a run in and is immediately intrigued by the smart mouthed Deputy Todd first.

This story takes us into Ripley’s struggle to just be a normal protector of the island as she fights her gift and bloodline with almost everything she has…but the storm coming requires her to risk it all to lean into what she fights and face her fears.

Her element is Earth.

Mia Devlin, local legendary witch and entrepreneur is no stranger to the reader by the time her full story finds us in Face the Fire.

All is calm but not entirely bright as Mia senses the prophecy (and the darkness) looming just beyond reach, threating all she loves, as soon as the lives of their dreams start to come together.

Making matters worse, Sam Logan, the one who left her heart in pieces a decade ago, comes back to Three Sisters seeking to make amends. He’ll find out that isn’t so easy.

Torn between the very real struggle in her heart and the literal threat to those she loves most, Mia must face the biggest parts of this story alone.

Her element is Fire.

It wouldn’t be fair to give you so much of the story that you wouldn’t want to pick these books up yourself, right!?

However, we can tell you that we were very drawn to many things in this series.

The setting is almost perfect for us. A picturesque, small but seasonally busy, island, with one bookstore/coffee/tea shop, a Magik Inn, a pizza place and a quaint little cottage with woods at it’s back that always seems to be vacant for the right person.

We’ve always loved the idea of magic, benevolent, good, life giving/sustaining magic so it was easy to read the bits of kitchen magic build to the literal grabbing of lightening. It made us smile to think of them having such normal day to day lives, using a charm here, a crystal there, a blessed candle and still be able to protect the entire island if they needed to…the perfect blend of muggle/wizard 😉

There is a strong sense of fellowship/kinship/sisterhood in these stories. As two friends who instantly felt connected, Renae and I were easily drawn to both Nell/Mia connecting/bonding and choosing each other without hesitation and also Mia/Ripley, not blood but closely connected since birth, forced into distance and following that old bond back to each other, choosing each other. And then, the entire group, a blend of blood and non-blood, all made a family, a chosen family.

Sisterhood, is a constant choosing of one another and though there are several, steamy, dreamy scenes of love (very handsomely written men) in these books, we are drawn to the love of the sisters the most ❤

Our elements are Air and Earth…you know…if you believe in that sort of thing 😉

Until next time, happy reading,

~CC & LR

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