A Little Romance

Hello Readers and welcome to a newly renovated room On Wanderwood Lane!

My dear friend Renae and I met a little over 15 years ago and became fast friends, nay, kindred spirits via many, many things but one of our favorites was reading.

At that time we both worked 3rd shift together on a big and busy floor of the hospital. When the majority of the patients were asleep and in between call bells, we would chat about things like, travel destinations, our favorite times in history and, well, love.

It didn’t take long for us to begin to trade books. My Mom was really into historical romance at the time, so that was the theme for us also and though I don’t know the exact number we read, by the time other co workers got involved, it was pushing 100, I’m sure.

Fast forward to the beginning of this year. I was fresh off my binge watch of Bridgerton and I immediately told Renae about it. It took a few days for me to realize it was based off a book series (hey, I’m off most social media, how would I know?) but when I did, I went to my local used book store and bought out their stock!!!

One train of thought led to another and I decided to ask Renae if she wanted to read the books along with me. SHE AGREED!!! Then my brain went in to overdrive and excitedly got the idea of starting a book club with her.

As most of you know, or perhaps don’t, I read a whopping two books last year and though they were good, I had zero momentum to read. Once I got myself back in to romance mode, a genre I hadn’t read since that earlier time with Renae, I realized it would be the perfect gateway to a more steady reading momentum…mostly because I know how fast I can read a good romance AND there are some pressures I actually thrive under!

Now, we didn’t start with the Julia Quinn series, because at the time there were only three weeks left in January. So, we decided to re-read one of our favorite series by Nora Roberts.

This is one of two NR series that will show up throughout the year as we make our way through an island off Massachusetts, the TON, Virgin River, Draycott Abbey, Ireland and MORE.

We hope you will enjoy turning the page with us and whatever you are reading, we hope you find great joy in it!!!

~CC & RA

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