new year, new things

Hello Dear Readers,

Please forgive the couple of weeks I’ve missed in my postings BUT I am back!

What have I been up to???

Well, if you sensed a Lady Whistledown flair to my intro (and you know who that is) then you will know that I fell, delightfully, down the Bridgerton rabbit hole and haven’t quite resurfaced.

I’m off of most social media these days so I had no clue the series was based on a series of books by Julia Quinn. I was so excited by that fact that I went to a local used book store and, although, it wasn’t this particular series, I bought them out of their stock! While asking about it, the kind clerk also pointed out that Virgin River is also a (rather large) book series…so I also purchased several of those.

Getting back into one of my great loves is something I wanted to bring to this new season of life and after having a book related chat with one of my dearest friends (and fellow page turners), we decided to start a teeny tiny book club.

Two Sisters Book Club was born out of deciding, with only three weeks left in January, that we would start with re-reading one of our favorite series by Nora Roberts, Three Sisters Island Trilogy.

We are very excited about it and I will tell you more about that in the introduction page.

Freshening up the blog to include an update of what’s to be included is also one of the things I have been up to these past few weeks. I still have several older trips to tell you all about and I am working on organizing all of those photos in between regular adult life, reading and working on other posts. Suffice it to say, more of my photography will continue to be added and I am excited about continuing to develop my craft over the next year as I begin to start taking my camera with me everywhere I go again! Stay tuned to Tookish Travels for those updates.

For years, I had been going to writer meetings, workshops and found myself friends with most of the local writer scene and the sound advice seemed to find a commonality in reading and writing going hand in hand. While I haven’t put any real work into my book series in about a year, I have great hope that all the reading I’ll be doing this year will have me aching to work on my own project! Here’s hoping!

Let’s see…outside of still working (and enjoying) my full time job, daily household chores and keeping up with friends/family, I think that is about it!

I hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll see you here again soon!


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