Goodwill Hunting

Even though the sun wasn’t out to greet me, I was back into the swing of things work wise today and it felt good. I am big fan of a moody day weather wise but here in my corner of NC we have been getting A LOT of it…I NEED the sunshine, please!

Work finished up earlier than expected, as it sometimes does, and though I didn’t have the energy for much, I knew I needed to make a stop before I went home.

This Saturday I’ve been invited to attend a 90’s themed birthday party for a friend of mine. I was thrilled to get the invite but had honestly not put much thought into what I was going to wear.

Enter my friendly, neighborhood Goodwill…

Now, I take ZERO credit for the idea of costume shopping at Goodwill. That goes to my girl Lizzie and not only does she find costume pieces, in my eyes, she’s pioneered the #thrifted fashion scene.

I always channel my inner Lizzie when making Goodwill runs and I have been making it my first stop when shopping for about 3 months now. As expected, I don’t always find something that speaks to me but what treasures I have found, I’ve been thrilled with! I am so grateful she reminded me that thrift stores aren’t just for donations!

Back to tonight…

While I did have a few ideas in my mind, it took about an hour and some change to put a look together I was proud of. I grew up in the 90’s so maybe I had a little advanced help when it came to getting it right.

Here’s the look….


Honestly, I don’t know how I found something so perfectly me, but I sure did.

Now, I went through MANY fashion phases in my pre-teen/teens. My Mom and I wore the same size for a few years so I was constantly wearing her dresses and jewelry when I needed to dress up. If I had a photo album right now, you would have found me somewhere with a perm in my hair, headphones and depending on the year, in pipe leg jeans/plaidshirt/heavyeyeliner, flowy dresses and lots of make up or tight fitting sweaters and mens silvertabs. I had a pair of Airwalks by my heels and soccer cleats…Ahhh the 90’s ❤

The dress called to me over the teal blue blazer I, originally, had in my hand and I fell hard. It’s plaid, a 3/4 oversized dress AND in Hufflepuff colors…PERFECTION! Originally the idea was to wear it with black skinny jeans and some combat boots but then I found the purse. The photo doesn’t reflect but its plastic-y, like everything in the 90’s was and once again, I fell hard. The shoes were a little bit harder to navigate, as most of them were taller than I am BUT these beauties not only have the size heel I can manage but also mimic the snakeskin look that’s gone in and out of style over the years.

The wayfarers caught my eye on the way out and I just had to!

This was most definately my favorite Goodwill hunt, to date!

I’ll post an update with me in the outfit over the weekend!

Toodles!! 😉

One Comment on “Goodwill Hunting

  1. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this look and the journey you’re on with fashion in general!
    It’s a bold decision to be creative with your clothes! Because expression is putting yourself out there, who you are and what you love and asking people to love it too and that has a little risk attached. Keep it up, lady!!! This is your time! Happy thrifting! 😉


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