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You’ve found the room On Wanderwood Lane where I will be taking my love of reading to the next level and increasing my bookworm efficiency by planning out my reading and posting!

I would say I am starting small but that would depend on the kind of reader you are 😉

Each month, I will have a small to be read consisting of one non-fiction book, one classic,  one by a local author and a 4th that I liked the cover of. This is subject to change, should I run out of the latter two but I’m hoping this model will take me through 2019.

But before we move into this year, I have to share my Nov/Dec read with you because I started it in an 80 degree weather weekend and finished it 4 weeks later after an uncommon NC snowfall.


The Silent Girls by Eric Rickstad was an Orlando Goodwill find and admittedly one I chose for the cover. I am a HUGE sucker for a book full of suspense and a puzzle to solve.

When writing my Goodreads review the first thing I said was that the length of time it took me to read this was not indicative of the pacing/story. I was caught somewhere between that road trip and binge watching Supernatural and fell into the “just one more episode” vs “just one more chapter” flow.

This Vermont based thriller is a page turner that I could have easily read in a couple of sittings, if it weren’t for being too sleepy some nights to keep up with the details, which you’de want to do. I really enjoyed the story and the way the author set the scene. While it may be a bit graphic for some, I appreciate details, even in the heavy things as it helps further draw me into the narrative.

More simply put, this was a read that had me immediately looking for a sequel. Don’t be surprised if you see Rickstad’s name show up here again!

January TBR

In an effort to start my 2019 reading at it’s best, I have included my January TBR stack here so that I can wrap this post up and get my nose in a book!


The 1st book is one that I am very excited about. While it’s not by an author local to me, it is by a Nantucket native AND I purchased it while visiting the island in the fall…so I am counting it!

I picked up Salt to the Sea a few weeks ago off a tea shop’s bargain bookshelf and though I did read the book blurb, the cover is what compelled me to buy it (you’ll have to follow along to see it).

Sense and Sensibility by Austen is my choice for classics for this month. I found this gem on a local Goodwill bookself. I didn’t think I’d like a more modern cover for a classic but I have to say I dig this one.

The non-fiction book for this month is one my mother gave me after she read it a few months ago. Patrick Swayze was the first actor I remember remembering and I adored him. I am looking forward to this one!



What are you reading this month?

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