The Daily OWL

Happy New Year!


Welcome to the space On Wanderwood Lane that will hold not only something that doesn’t fall into another room but will also give a home to a big goal I have for the year…

Writing DAILY!!!

If you held a microscope up to most of my days, this already happens in one form or the other but I felt I needed something more fine tuned…so here we are.


With today being the first day of a brand new year, I was hit with inspiration early on and began writing down the first things that came into my head.

The loudest and clearest was a theme song for the year. Music is like oxygen to me so narrowing it down happens in a different way than me just choosing one.

Fresh off of viewing The Greatest Showman (2017) it didn’t take long for Come Alive to be the song that spoke to me and said it wanted to be my theme for 2018. It proved to be monumental throughout the entire year and I can say I most definitely lived out those words.

I learned and felt so much from the entire soundtrack over 2018 that I was sure I had learned from it all that I needed to, until this morning that is.

For the 100th time, the lyrics to This Is Me rang in my ears.

“Wait, self, I know and believe all of this already, what’s going on here?” I impatiently asked my brain. The answer came in the form of honing into part of the lyrics that I had been glazing over…

I’m not scared to be seen, I make no apologies, this is me

I know that I deserve your love, there’s nothing I’m not worthy of

This song is an anthem to be sure and I have cried many tears feeling the lyrics in a very real way but while I have made great strides in living out the above, I am not where I can to be with it…unafraid to be seen in my entirety, feeling like something always needs to be changed to get me to the place where real love comes in…

It starts, as it ever does, with me. I can’t hear what others are saying sometimes because of the negative self talk and as far as I’ve come, I have a ways to go…

So…2019…this is me…



I shared this image earlier today with my friend Amanda and I thought she would be the only one, because she’s one of my biggest cheerleaders…and then when I was planning this post I knew, I was being afraid to be seen, again.

I hadn’t intended to come up with 19 things to carry out in 2019 but they showed up (and as I type this I realize I miscounted…SEE). A good amount of them are only important to me so I am not even sure where the fear to share came from but it HAS TO GO.


Here’s to year where we can all be a little bit more comfortable and unapologetic with ourselves!!

Happy 1st day of 2019 everyone!





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