I Burn for YOu

Greetings ALL!!!

Just in case you couldn’t tell by the title, the fourth book in our 2021 romance journey takes us into the world of the Bridgerton family, circa early 1800’s England, in the books of Julia Quinn.

Renae and I have zero problem admitting that we happened upon this book series AFTER binge watching season 1 of the series on Netflix this past December but very much look forward to far surpassing where the show has gotten by biting off the first 4 books in the series with this block of the book club.

For those of you that haven’t seen the show or previously read the books, The Duke and I is the love story of the eldest Bridgerton daughter, Daphne, and the self admitted lifelong bachelor, Simon Bassett.

In a time and society where most people don’t marry for love, Daphne, is just hoping she can find someone that she can at least tolerate for the rest of her life, you know, maybe even a friend, while Simon is hoping is his time in London is short lived and that he can manage flying under the radar in his first season as the new Duke of Hastings.

Together they plan a rouse…They’ll convince everyone they are courting, Daphne will gain popularity with ALL other eligible suitors and Simon will get a break from ALL would be mother-in-laws.

The plan goes well, very well, until they begin to realize that in all the charaded balls, garden walks and family outings, they are bonding, becoming true friends and more than lusting after eachother…

What happens next, you’ll have to read for yourselves, as we don’t ever want to spoil too much around here, but let’s just say, YOU’LL WANT TO KNOW!!!

The added bonus to this story is the delightful commentary added by Lady Whistledown, the author of the most popular society gossip paper in the ton. We hope we get more of her in the books to come!!

We tried to have a little fun with this round of blog posts and found some coloring pages to portray what we might wear to a ball if we were to have danced around back then.

LR’s Page
CC’s Page

Until our next waltz, happy reading!

~CC & LR

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