Writing, what’s that!?

Greetings my lovlies!!!

and now let’s take a big>>>SIGH<<< together.


If you had told me that when I sat down to write this that it would have been 2 months since I last wrote, I would have gotten really defensive…BUT I’d be wrong.

Plans, OHHHHHHHHH, the plans I had (have), which if I am honest, feel like excuses sometimes…BUT transparency is one of the names of my game here, so, listen up!


I have been working two jobs this FALL season to prepare myself for a SET schedule in 2020 and that INCLUDES writing! There have been many a Sunday (currently my only day off) where I’ve wondered how smart my idea is BUT the horizon is so close, it doesn’t matter anyways 😀

I knew that outside of journaling, October wouldn’t have much writing in it because I set it aside to join a movie challenge from Epic Film Guys  and the sketching challenge Inktober  with the idea that I am going to have to “DO” more, in order to write about more. There will be posts on both of those things, soon! I am sorry they didn’t happen on Oct. 31st as originally intended but I promise that I will post them anyway!


November, ahhhhhhh, November…this month was suppose to be a CELEBRATION of the blogs 1 year Anniversary and the fact that it’s now the 16th and this is the first post, is completely my fault. The biggest lesson my anxiety has taught me this month is that you can be excited to the point of procrastination, and, whew, have I been.

In addition to catching up on neglected corners of this space, I also planned to read a book(s) on the craft of writing this month with hopes to alternate the fiction and craft readings so that I can, hopefully become a better and more diligent writer. There are only a couple of weeks left in the month but I do plan to read the, highly, recommended book On Writing by Stephen King before the month is over.

December is going to be crazy with my second trip to Ireland coming up AND the Holidays of course BUT I have so much content coming, all the chaos will be worth it.

Thanks for sticking with me! I really look forward to re-familiarizing myself with every room here and making it a cozy place to be!

We’ll chat again soon!



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